Returning to Blogger Celebration & Giveaway!!

So, I have some news! News that makes me extremely happy… and should, hopefully, result in some perks for my blog readers as well!

Why I’m celebrating…

I used to host The Hiding Spot from 2007 until November/December of 2013. I always really liked using blogger (I’m not very tech savvy and blogger was super easy for me!), but then my RSS feed stopped working. And, try as I might, I could not fix it. Well, last night after an epic hours long Skype session with one of my besties, Sabrina from I Heart YA Fiction, in which I complained quite a bit about my frustration with WordPress and how much I missed Blogger, we decided to try to fix my Blogger RSS feed. When we finally gave up at 4am, we thought we’d failed. But, this morning, we discovered things were working! I’m not exactly sure what we did that worked, but, in all honesty, I don’t even care. I’m just happy my blogger blog is up and running again because I am, admittedly, extremely attached my original blog!

What happens next…

Well, I’m moving back over to Blogger. I’m hoping that those of you who have become recent followers of The Hiding Spot, those of you who found me once I switched over to WordPress, will stick with me and follow me over at my original blog. If you follow me here, you’ll have to resubscribe over at the blogger site, but I have quick links in the sidebar to follow via Bloglovin’, Email, and Networked blogs.

Why you should follow me back to blogger (aka BRIBES)…

Even though I’m extremely happy to be moving back to Blogger, I was really sad to be leaving some of you behind. I’ve met some really great bloggers during my short time using WordPress and I don’t want to lose you all! So, to sweeten the pot, I’m hosting a giveaway for some really great upcoming books from a variety of publishers:

this side of salvationmy last kissto all the boys i've loved beforeelusionhalf badkiller instinctthe nethergrimmouseheart

How to win…

Head over to my original blog HERE and fill out the rafflecopter form. The main requirement is that you subscribe to The Hiding Spot using one of the methods over at the other site. There are, as always, options to gain additional entries! There will be 4 winners total. The first winner will pick two books, the the second winner will be contacted and pick two from the remaining 6 books, etc.


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