Review: The Lost Planet by Rachel Searles

the lost planetTitle: The Lost Planet

Author: Rachel Searles

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan

Pub. Date: January 28, 2014

Genre: Middle Grade

Rec. Age Level: 8-12

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A boy wakes in a room he’s never seen before. In fact, he has no memory of anything… not even his name. It’s only after the man tending to him finds a chip embedded under the boy’s skin that his identity, or at least his name, is discovered: Chase Garrety. Armed with his name and little else, Chase sets out to unravel the mystery of how he ended up on the planet Trucon, wounded and without his memory. He teams up with Parker, the boy who found him unconscious and in mortal danger of the monsters that plague Trucon. Parker talks Chase into “borrowing” a spaceship that belongs to Parker’s mysterious benefactor, in the process, giving the slip to his cyborg nanny/bodyguard. What starts as a joyride soon morphs into danger when Trucon is destroyed in a fiery explosion and the boys unwittingly rescue the man accused of coordinating the attack. As secrets are revealed and Chase is driven by the faintly remembered phrase, “Guide the star,” the boys are no longer sure who to trust. Met by danger at every turn, Chase and Parker struggle to stay one step ahead of those who seek them, including the government, the mob, the accused terrorist, and even Parker’s guardian.

Nonstop action and an absorbing premise make THE LOST PLANET a thrilling MG debut from Rachel Searles. These characteristics, paired with fast pacing, also make this title a great pick for reluctant readers who prefer to jump right into the action or don’t have the patience for a long introduction. The well-placed, surprising twists within THE LOST PLANET will keep readers engaged as they struggle with Chase to unravel his past and determine which forces within the novel seek to save or destroy him.


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