Must-Read-Monday (1)

Must-Read-Monday is a new feature here at The Hiding Spot. Each week I’ll feature a book that, if it isn’t already, should be on your radar!


02405-theedgeoffallingThe Edge of Falling by Rebecca Serle

Available March 18, 2014 from Simon Pulse

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Caggie lives every day haunted by her failure to save her little sister from drowning. Even though no one ever says it, Caggie knows that her parents blame her just as much as she blames herself. Everyone at school thinks she’s a hero after saving a classmate from plummeting to her death at the beginning of summer, but only Caggie – and the girl she saved – knows what really happened on the rooftop ledge. Caggie has formed a wall of secrets and lies to keep everyone at arm’s length, including her best friend, who keeps pushing her to move forward, and her ex-boyfriend, who can’t seem to understand that Caggie isn’t the girl she used to be anymore. Then new boy Astor enters Caggie’s life and he seems to understand the darkness that threatens to overwhelm her every day and, best of all, he doesn’t push her to talk about what happened or to move forward. But Astor has secrets of his own and his demons might be hungry enough to swallow both of them… dead or alive.

Last year I read and very much enjoyed Rebecca Serle’s debut novel, When You were Mine, but I must admit that it pales in comparison to The Edge of Falling. Caggie’s story of grief and guilt is remarkably powerful and painfully captivating. It begins slowly but builds with a steady intensity that leaves the reader completely invested in Caggie and her search for meaning and redemption in the aftermath of her sister’s death.


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rebecca serle

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8 thoughts on “Must-Read-Monday (1)

  1. That cover is like whoa …. I have a fear of heights and I almost can’t look at it! But glad you enjoyed the book so much. And thanks for stopping by my blog and telling me the story of meeting Bethany Neal at the signing. I love stories like that 🙂
    Jen @ YA Romantics

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