Story Time: Great Cold Weather Reads (2)

Story Time is a new feature at The Hiding Spot in which I share some of my favorite new, old, or overlooked picture books.

This week I’ll be showcasing some great winter reads to add to your home, school, or public library collections!

Not a parent, teacher, or librarian? Picture books make fantastic gifts, from baby showers to birthdays and holidays. As bookworms, we all know how important books are – be the one who hands that special kid in your life the book who will make them fall in love with the magic of reading!


Snow Day for Mouse by Judy Cox, illus. by Jeffery Ebbeler

snow day for mouseOn a snowy day, Judy Cox and Jeffrey Ebbeler’s charming Mouse is swept outside where he plays in the snow, ice skates on a frozen puddle, and makes sure his friends the birds get something to eat.

Cox has multiple books about Mouse, who narrowly and often unwittingly avoids disaster. SNOW DAY FOR MOUSE has great lessons about friendship and sharing.

Another great thing about this particular title is its price point! The hardcover version is still available, but SNOW DAY FOR MOUSE is also in paperback for $7.99!

Up and Down and Lost and Found by Oliver Jefferslost and foundup and down

If your collection doesn’t include any books by Oliver Jeffers, I’m sorry to inform you that you’re seriously missing out. All of his books are so incredibly well done, but two in particular, UP AND DOWN and LOST AND FOUND feature characters and settings perfect for a snuggly winter read aloud! These fantastic stories about friendship will quickly become household and classroom favorites. I love Jeffers’ work for the subtle humor and trademark illustrations (which I think would look absolutely gorgeous as prints in a nursery)!

Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella by Jan Brett

cindersJan Brett might be best known for her book THE MITTEN, but many of her books have wintery settings. All are filled with gorgeous illustrations including her newest title, CINDERS.

In this retelling of Cinderella, one magical night during a snowy Russian winter, Cinders, the most picked upon hen in the flock, becomes the most loved by Prince Cockerel when she arrives at his ball looking so beautiful that even her bossy sisters don’t recognize her.

Check out Brett’s other titles as well; they’re great go to picks for gifts that become beloved favorites.

When It Snows by Richard Collingridge

when it snowsThe illustrations in this book are so incredibly beautiful that I’d love it even if it had no text. It does, however, have text, but it’s fairly minimal. I’ve heard some grumblings about the end of this book, but I personally love it. It has a clever and, I think, magical connection to the classic THE POLAR EXPRESS that makes this one perfect for the holidays when paired with TPE, as well as a fantastic story on its own.

Tell me about your favorite wintery reads, old or new!


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