Feature and Follow Friday (1)

ImageFriday Follow is a blog hop that was started by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.  Each week a different question or topic is posted by our hosts and participants answer.  Blog hops are a great opportunity for bloggers to network and interact. For more information about this blog hop and how to participate, go here! If you choose to follow The Hiding Spot, you can subscribe via Networked Blogs, BlogLovin, Email, or Facebook. All links can be found in the sidebar. Thanks for stopping by!


This week’s topic:

Resolutions: Put together your blogger resolution list for all of us to see!

1. Comment more!

This year, I really want to reconnect with my fellow bloggers. When I started blogging, back in 2007, it seemed like everyone commented on posts! Now, even when it seems like lots of people are stopping by to read content, there’s no conversation! When I started thinking about it, I realized how little I comment these days. So I’m committing to commenting on at least 10 posts a day.

2. Review more Middle Grade.

Last year I re-discovered MG literature. For a long time, my main focus has been on YA, but I picked up Anne Ursu’s BREADCRUMBS last year and fell in love. There’s something so pure and magical about MG lit… I had forgotten that. Plus, MG is one of the biggest sellers in my bookstore and the section that customers ask for the most help with, so I love having titles that I know well and can handsell!

3. Read 250 books in 2014

Okay, so this sounds like a lot – and I guess, technically, it is – but you have to realize I’m counting picture books too… because Goodreads hasn’t gotten it together yet and made multiple challenges a thing! Setting my goal at 150, which is what I would do if I only read novels, just doesn’t cut it when I factor in picture books.

What are your 2014 blogging resolutions? Share in the comments or leave a link to your blog and resolutions post!


22 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday (1)

  1. When I first read 250 books, my eyes got so wide! Lol that’s awesome though! I hope to read 150 novels this year. Hopefully I can do it. I read 117 last year, but I’m a baby blogger so a lot of my extra time that I devoted to reading is going into blogging now! But anyways I’m a new follower via bloglovin! 🙂

    Pivot Book Reviews FF

  2. I definitely agree with commenting more. I love seeing that my blog gets a decent amount of traffic and people reading my posts, but I started this blog so I could talk with other book lovers about books that we’ve read!
    Tina @ Pages of Comfort – new follower via bloglovin!
    My FF

  3. I haven’t read a lot of middle grade books, in fact the only ones that come to mind are the two Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan and I love them! I read 200 books last year, my goal was 150 so I went ahead and set it at 200 this year. I barely made that last year so I figure it’s a good goal for this year. I do count re-reads and novellas in that.

    Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

    Denise @Dandelionn Wine Book Blog

    • Can you believe I still haven’t read any Rick Riordan!? It’s actually one of my reading goals for this year… to read at least one Rick Riordan book!

      Do you keep count of your yearly reads on Goodreads? I wish that it automatically counted in rereads… Still haven’t found a good way to count those yet!

      Thanks for the follow, Denise!

      • You should! They’re such great books. I had a giveaway for one of his books at the beginning of the year. Yup I keep track of them on goodreads. For re-reads what I do is review a different edition than I did before. Like if I reviewed the hardcover then I’ll do the ebook, or another one. For most book there’s a ton. I think even just changing the finish date to this year should count it.

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