Giveaway: Little Fish: A Different Kind of Memoir by Ramsey Beyer

The fabulous team at Zest Books is offering a great Little Fish prize pack for one lucky winner here at The Hiding Spot! I truly adored Ramsey Beyer’s memoir and will definitely be looking for more from her in the future. I also think that Little Fish is a must-read for girls like me who are heading off to college and away from home for the first time… And, by a girl “like me” I mean girls who might be a big fish in a small pond… girls who grew up in a small town (Midwestern or otherwise) but are venturing out to somewhere bigger, more diverse, and entirely new. In other words, most girls. Maybe even, in one way or another, all girls. 

More about LITTLE FISH

Ramsey Beyer’s debut autobiographical graphic novel, Little Fish: A Memoir from A Different Kind of Year, is the coming-of-age story of a small-town high schooler’s transformation into an independent city-dwelling college freshman. Told through a blend of journal entries and lists plus comic-style artwork and collages, the book touches on challenges every student meets when facing the world for the first time on their own, and the unease – as well as excitement – that comes along with those challenges. Everyone can relate to Ramsey’s journey from childhood to independence – from adjusting to being away from home to navigating new friendships and finding the right path.

 More about Ramsey Beyer

Ramsey Beyer grew up on a farm in Paw Paw, Michigan, before escaping to city life in Baltimore, where she earned a BFA in experimental animation. She currently lives in Philadelphia and Little Fish is her first (traditionally) published book. 



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