Read Aloud Review & Giveaway: A Funny Little Bird by Jennifer Yerkes

A lonely, invisible bird mistakenly believes that adorning himself with flashy feathers and flowers will make him beautiful and win him new friends. Except his plan quickly backfires when his magnificent plumage attracts the attention of everyone, even the fox! In his rush to safety the little bird loses every last bit of his new decorations, making him invisible once again. Except now in place of his loneliness is the knowledge that putting others first is the key to friendship and high self-esteem.


I absolutely adored Jennifer Yerkes’ A Funny Little Bird. This read aloud shares the story of a little bird who is a bit difficult to see and, therefore, often overlooked and ignored. Sad and lonely, the funny little bird tries different tactics to draw attention to himself, only to find out that being seen has its consequences as well. The little bird quickly learns that being himself, near invisibility and all, has its own advantages. 

Utilizing bright, minimalist illustrations and a touch of humor, A Funny Little Bird sends an important message about embracing one’s physical differences. The text is also minimal, letting the illustrations guide the story, making it perfect for interactive reading aloud and great stepping stone for early readers.

Themes: Self-esteem, Friendship, Individuality, Creativity



Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, May 2013, Hardcover, ISBN:9781402280139, 48 pgs.


2 thoughts on “Read Aloud Review & Giveaway: A Funny Little Bird by Jennifer Yerkes

  1. Oh I love the message behind this one and I am so glad to hear it has great illustrations as well. I just think that is a must for children's books. They need a great story line as well as something that catches and hold their imagination.Rowena Hailey (WA Traffic Ticket)

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