Hey everyone!

The spring semester has FINALLY come to a close, so I’ve spent the last week training at my new job, finishing up classes, and moving… I love all of my books and find it near impossible to part with them, but I seriously considered thinning my collection as I hauled them across town. Well, let’s be honest, as my boyfriend hauled them across town and I felt sheepish about my book buying addiction. :/

Now everything is in my new apartment, but not unpacked… which got me thinking about how many books I’ve been reading lately or have read where the main character has just moved to a new place to find that there’s a gorgeous boy living next door or that there’s something off about there new town… or both. What new things await me in my new home?

Okay, so it’ll probably be pretty much the same… but a girl can dream right?

So, in honor of moving, I’ll be reviewing some books in which the main character has just made a big move… and giving an arc or copy of that book away to my lovely readers! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Moving!

  1. Oh my, I saw your illo and I thought of this SNL short: Warning – NSFW luck with your new home!

  2. Two great titles I recently read that involve moving are: WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE by Sarah Dessen and MOONGLASS by Jessi Kirby. Enjoy your new place!

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