Title Unveiling: The Sequel to Sophie Jordan’s FIRELIGHT is…

I loved Sophie Jordan’s YA debut, FIRELIGHT, and I found the title to be a perfect fit. Naturally, I’ve been wondering what the second installment will be titled… and whether it will fit as well as the first.


IT DOES! I’m happy to announce that the title of FIRELIGHT’s highly anticipated sequel will be:

VANISH: A Firelight Novel

And this is what Sophie had to say about VANISH … (and the origins of the title):

This title is actually inspired from a line I wrote in the second Firelight novel. My editors kindly pointed it out to me and suggested it. “Vanish” is just one of those words I found myself typing more than once as I wrote the book. Those of you who’ve read FIRELIGHT and recall the ending might also have an idea what motivated the title choice. The title speaks to Jacinda’s state, both physically and emotionally, through many points of the second Firelight novel … and it also hints at a major twist you’ll learn upon reading the very beginning VANISH.

Be prepared for more romance, suspense and adventure as Jacinda’s story continues in VANISH!

Thoughts? Comments?
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Now we just have to wait for the cover unveiling!! I’ve got high hopes for that as well!

31 thoughts on “Title Unveiling: The Sequel to Sophie Jordan’s FIRELIGHT is…

  1. OMG AWESOME!!! Can't wait for the next book. I loved the story soooo much. Your idea of the draki-people was sooo unique. I haven't read a really good dragon book in so long. Keep up the good work. I ❤ Will!

  2. I'm not so sure about the title but if the cover goes along with Firelight's then I'll be happy. Either way I'll be happy, because Firelight is so good! cupidgurl411(at)aol(dot)com

  3. I LOVED Firelight. But honestly, I don't like the name Vanish at all. I just don't think Firelight and Vanish work well together. That's just my opinion. But I am excited we're one step closer to having a completed book in our hands, even if only the name is picked. :)jacindahinten(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Firelight what can i say? This book was really good. I enjoyed reading a book about descendents of dragons! I honestly cant wait to read the sequel and see what happens with Jacinda!

  5. i absolutely love firelight its way better than twilight or any other book ive read in a long time ans i cant wait to read vanish! I hope one day to be able to write a book like that! By the way, have you decided on the due date yet? I want to reserve my copy on amazon.com

  6. I just finished it – literally a few minutes ago – and I couldn't put it down!This was a seriously fantastic story. I got it because of the great cover, but I ended up falling in love with the story.Will = win.Can't wait for Vanish!

  7. I feel in love wth ths book and ;ve read it like 3 times (i'm on my 4time now) Jacinda's trouble to keep her draki but to keep it tamed is a challenge. not to mention the ivory of having a deadly savior! so many twist and turns, i'm dyng to get my hands on the sequel!

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