Playing Favorites with Sydney Salter

It has been said that playing favorites isn’t nice, but sometimes it’s impossible not to! Join me weekly at The Hiding Spot as I share a favorite author… and the author shares a few favorite things of their own.
Genre: Contemporary YA
Sydney Salter writes YA novels that masquarade as light beach reads, but are actually amazing coming-of-age stories that both entertain and inspire.

Novel: Swoon at Your Own Risk
I loved this novel for two main reasons: the boys and the message. I was boy crazy through most of high school – okay, so maybe I still am – so Polly’s fear of being boyfriendless and unliked was extremely easy to relate to. I appreciated that Salter could write a novel where the girl gets the guy and figures out who she is (without a boy). It’s the best of both worlds.

Character: Polly
You know how sometimes you meet someone and you don’t really click, but then later they become one of your best friends or favorite people? That basically describes my experience with Polly. She was standoffish at the beginning of the novel, but she quickly grew on me!

Quote: “‘He’s so into you,’ Sonnet said. ‘Do you see the way he stares? And he’s always writing stuff in that little notebook. Probably odes to his Fair Polly.’

‘I’m sure it’s just a grocery list or something. I think he uses a lot of hair product.'”

There are so many great quotes in SWOON, but I think they have a more powerful impact when read in the context of the rest of the novel. This quote, however, is both funny and demonstrates Polly’s use of sarcasm and humor to hide from truths she doesn’t want to acknowledge. It says a lot about the main character, plus her comebacks are generally hilarious!


Food: Hamburger.
I’ve eaten my share of gourmet meals, but it’s always the hamburgers I remember most. Ah, the rosemary aioli on the Five Napkin Burger in New York, that tasty bacon burger at The Galley on Lopez Island, Washington… Nothing beats a great burger.

Quote: “A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules.” –Anthony Trollope.

Trollope’s words remind me to keep working diligently toward my goals—even if I only manage to write a hundred words, I’m still that much closer to finishing. This quote also reminds me to take the long view of things, and not expect too much of myself too soon.

Animal: Turtles.
Okay, so I’m sensing a theme here. I like turtles because they remind me that slow and steady wins the race. But they also remind me to have a hard shell when it comes to criticism and all the failure that comes along with creative work. (I collect small turtle and tortoise figurines—and have two pet Russian tortoises.)

Holiday: Halloween.
Confession: I trick-or-treated until I was twenty-two, technically for charity (we sang spooky carols)—but I never turned down a Reese’s Cup. Now I host an annual Witches Luncheon; we go all out with our costumes and descend upon a local restaurant. At night, I delight in handing out excessive amounts of chocolate to the neighborhood kids—and teens know to come late when I’m extra generous with my fistfuls of candy!

Number: 17.
I loved being seventeen, I love seventeen year olds, and I especially love writing about seventeen year olds.

For more information about Sydney and her novels
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34 thoughts on “Playing Favorites with Sydney Salter

  1. I adored Sydney's first book. Why haven't I picked this one up yet? *makes mental note* Also that Witches Luncheon sounds like the BEST EVER. I love people who are into Halloween. 😀

  2. I met Syndey @ an SCBWI conference earlier this year. She brought her binder of rejection letters, 200+ deep. My jaw dropped to the ground.I loved her candor, energy, straight talk. She's awesomesauce.

  3. What's a Reese's cup?We don't have Halloween here, but I'm sure it's a really fun holiday. I wish I could have gone trick-or-treating when I was younger.

  4. I adore turtles too. Had them as pets when I was a kid thus developing a fondness for them.And I would so love to attend a Witches Luncheon one day!

  5. I haven't ever read one book of Syden Salter, in Spain (it's where I live) I haven'r seen any book of her, so I have to buy it through the internet…The quotes are great! and the turtles are nice! But I prefer dogs 🙂

  6. Hum… Sydney is a new author to me lol I havent read her first book but I'd luv to read this one, it looks like its going to be funny and interesting.Turtles are really cute, my aunt owns like five of them, I love to see them swim

  7. I really loved the first part under novel: " I appreciated that Salter could write a novel where the girl gets the guy and figures out who she is (without a boy). It's the best of both worlds." I sure hope that happens to me someday!!angela z

  8. Yum! Reese cups are delicious!! I've never heard of Swoon at Your Own Risk before but I think I'll pick it up soon. It seems really good!

  9. Loved this! Uh-oh she'd probably be out to get me though since I've never even eaten a hamburger ever before. :PAnd I liked your quote, it was funny!

  10. What an inspiring read! ^^ I love the analogy on the turtles about being slow and steady winning the race and having a hard shell when it comes to criticism. It's a great life lesson we could relate to and apply in our daily lives. Kudos to you! c:

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