Cover of the Week (9)

Vixen (The Flappers Book #1) by Lila Fine

Delacorte BFYR/12.14.10
Description (GoodReads):
Set in Jazz Age Chicago, the first book, Vixen, follows 17-year-old socialite Gloria Carmody, who longs to be a flapper and is caught between her conservative fiancé and a sexy jazz musician.

I absolutely adore this cover. If it were in poster form, it would definitely be going up on my wall. In fact, I might still try to find a way to make that happen. VIXEN is a December 2010 release, so there’s a chance that this cover isn’t final, but I hope it isn’t changed too dramatically, as I’m already completely in love with this one! The most exciting thing about it? VIXEN is only the first book, so there will be more of these lovely covers!

And this has nothing to do with the cover… did you read that description? THERE IS A LOVE TRIANGLE.


7 thoughts on “Cover of the Week (9)

  1. Lovely choice! What a beautiful cover. I think I've seen that picture somewhere though, on Deviantart or maybe a magazine, it looks really familiar. I love the story premise, there are never enough books out there about the Jazz Age and flappers. 😀 It looks really promising, I hope the story turns out to be as good as the cover~

  2. Haha my internet is super slow and while waiting for the cover to load, I read your post. Well, as if the synopsis couldn't convert me enough. Your bold-ified "THERE IS A LOVE TRIANGLE" made me nod my head in 'I need to read now'-ness and wonder why December isn't here yet. And the cover? Love it!

  3. There are two totally awesome things that might make me pick this book up! 1) The flapper storyline. That could be SO interesting.2) The time-set. LOVE IT!Thanks for showing this to me!

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