37 thoughts on “Interview: Tara Kelly (Author of Harmonic Feedback)

  1. Awww, sounds like a great book, I always love reading books where there's some sort of journey of personal discovery or realization. They usually include such great character growth. 😀 Wonderful interview!

  2. Great interview! I loved that she's tackled the issue of Autism/Asperger's and woven into what sounds like a brilliant novel. While I'm not a huge music buff (meaning I don't keep up with all the latest bands, etc), I have a great appreciation for it and find it such an inspiration. So I always enjoy books that are heavily music-oriented. I can't wait to read it!

  3. I love Justin and Drea's romance!!! I had the same though of "just kiss already" several times 😛 I can't wait for her next book, it looks so awesome.

  4. A fear of balloons? That's the first time I've heard that! I used to love popping balloons when I was a kid, haha. Anyway, awesome interview! I have an odd fascination with Aspergers syndrome, so I know I'm going to love this book.

  5. Great interview. I work with a kid who has been diagnosed with mild Asperger's, and he is the greatest kid ever(IMHO). I agree that most people don't understand the extent of the spectrum of Autistic behavior, and I am glad to see that Tara has written a mainstream YA book about it. (Especially YA. It's such an important time in development, that teens should be able to access the information, even in fiction form.)

  6. What a great interview!I love books that focus on some sort of art. Music especially because it appeals to everyone.I have an autistic cousin, and a handful of other people in my family have similar disabilities. What Tara says about nobody fitting the box of symptoms perfectly is positively true. I'm happy to see that the universe that is YA lit has expanded to include a bit more on this topic!

  7. Behavioral problems are on the rise with children, ADHD, ADD, OCD etc and I think more books should include these conditions into their books to bring about awarness. This book sounds like a great read and I look forward to reading it!

  8. Great interview! It is interesting to learn that she has a playlist for her characters and even listens to music she doesn't like to get into her characters head.

  9. What a great interview! I really like the part when Tara said that she always listens to music to get into the character's head, especially when it involves music she hates. I'm realizing more and more the lengths that YA authors will go to get their stories out there, and it's really quite amazing. :)Wonders also if you've read anything by Sarah Darer Littman. Her next book (coming out in July) called Life, After has a character with Asperger's as well.

  10. This was a really great interview! Tara sounds like an awesome person, and I really really can't wait to read this book. I also, can't write without music. Writing in total-silence is hard.

  11. Awesome interview! One of the main reasons I am looking forward to this books, is because it deals with Aspergers. And Tara is spot on when she says no two cases are the same.

  12. Laughing about the balloons. I dislike them and live with several people who hate them, including my dog. Too bad I sell them as part of my living. Damn noisy things.Great interview, by the way.

  13. Great interview! Tara is so awesome.I hate balloons, too. Mostly because people are always trying to give them to my kids, and they are dangerous. Ugh.

  14. A bit random, but I have an aversion to ballons, too! I can't stand them. Anyways, I love her reason for writing a character with Asperger's Syndrome. Raising awareness raises our common knowledge and understanding.

  15. I love that she incorporates music in her stories. I don't know much about Asperger's so it will be fun to read HF and find out more about it.

  16. That's really cool that there's a character with Asperger's – there isn't a lot of that out there yet. In fact… the only one that comes to mind at the moment is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. Great interview!

  17. She has ten guitars!? That's crazy!Well I guess it makes sense since she loves music! (: I really want to check out that "C-Side Tales" book she's working on…

  18. After reading Jodi Picoult's House Rules I really want to read more books that deal with Aspergers! This books sounds great. I love how she describes the romance.

  19. Great interview, I might be a little more cautious around balloon in the future, I was cringing right there with her as if there were balloons all around me waiting to pop, lol!

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