42 thoughts on “Contest: Win a copy of Harmonic Feedback!

  1. My favorite band would be Rise Against. They are absolutely amazing! There are other groups I love too, like Breaking Benjamin, but Rise Against is #1

  2. Favorite band of all time= McFly.They're HUGE in the UK, but are mostly known in the US for their small role in the movie 'Just My Luck.' But they're incredible and have a song for every mood I'm in. And I'm going to marry one of the leader singers, Danny Jones, and have his babies. πŸ˜‰

  3. Thanks for this contest! The book looks great. :)My favorite music genre is alternative pop. I can't really say what ONE fave musician is. Rather I'm a big fan of these singers/groups: Death Cab For Cutie, The Weepies, Tegan And Sara, Hayden, Basia Bulat, The Postal Service, The Weakerthans and Ben Folds. (Of course there are many more, but these are my top picks.) If you haven't heard of them, check them out!

  4. It's hard to say who my favorite band is, especially since I love so many. Coldplay, Breaking Benjamin, The Fray, and Muse would have to be a few of my favorites.

  5. I love all kinds of music, but mostly rock and pop are my thing. My favorites are Framing Hanley, Muse, Rise Against, All Time Low, Hollywood Undead, Adam Lambert, Orianthi…and now I'm going to stop before I go crazy XD

  6. I tend to follow my own trend in music although some of my favorite bands are getting recognized. My favorite artist is Beth Hart and bands- Saving Jane and Metric top the list. I forgot to add my twitter name to the form, to show that I follow you and Tara on twitter it's @its_Pixie

  7. I can't pin-point a favourite anything when it comes to music since I like a lot of different things, but I do love Areosmith and seeing them live in concert a few years ago is up there with seeing David Bowie in concert. Both were great but Aerosmith was fantastic!

  8. My favorite singer is Alexz Johnson and one of my favorite bands (at least right now – it changes a lot) is The White Tie Affair. I have so much music it's ridiculous, though.

  9. My favorite genre of music is anything that falls under musicals/broadway. LOVE it! I am wicked confused on the spreadsheet. "Comment on review or interview REQUIRED." and "Comment on review or interview"

  10. Hey girl I found you on twitter, so new follower there. I am a recent follower of the blog. I don't know how to advertise but when I learn how to do so I will do future events. I will find the interview with Tara and read and post a comment and finally in regard to music question. I don't have a favorite band but I only listen to country or christian music.RobinRobbibird3@aol.com

  11. I really LOVE uk bands! Especially The XX, their songs are amazing! I really the Civilias too:) I love indie because everything's different and unique, I also love singer/songwriters such as Trent Dabbs, and Jason Mraz too!

  12. My favorite singer is Enya, not really a band, but she layers her voice to make it sound like a choir when really it's just her. She's amazing!

  13. Not sure who my favorite singer is. But I like listening to asian music because I'm asian and I like it.Although favorite music genre is rock, but alternative is good too.

  14. Oh, it's SO hard to choose my favourite band. Hmm. By actually going by the term 'band' which would make up more than one person, than I would have to say Within Temptation. Love them! ❀

  15. Hmm…this is hard. Well I'm really into bands right now- Paramore, Krezip, Automatic LoveLetter, Dashboard Confessional, A Fine Frenzy and Imogen Heap. My comp holds all genres though– a bit of everything here and there. I'm so close to 2000 songs but I've been lazy on adding more.-Cassandra

  16. Thanks for the contest, this book sounds really great! If I had to pick an all time favorite band I think I'm gonna have to go with The Beatles, they're classic and I love all their songs.

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