The Tension of Opposites Book Trailer & Contest

Some of you may remember my mini-review of Kristina McBride’s debut novel, THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES. The 2010 debut authors have taken myself, and many other bloggers and readers, by storm, but McBride’s novel… I hardly have words to describe how deeply I feel for this book. My mini-review barely does it justice. Today, the book trailer was released, leaving me, once again, speechless. I don’t know if it was the fact that I’ve already read the novel that caused the trailer to have such an emotional impact on me, but I literally cried. If you didn’t already want to read this novel, I think the trailer will give you sufficient reason rush out to your local bookstore on May 25th and pick up a copy!

Watch it on YouTube.


Later this month, I’ll be hosting a contest with Kristina in which you’ll have chance to win a copy of the novel and some other awesome prizes! Today, however, you have a chance to win gorgeous TENSION bookmarks!

There will be 10 winners, but all who comment on this post will receive 2 extra entries into the contest to win a copy of the novel at the end of the month! To be entered to win a bookmark, all that is required is comment on this post. I’ll randomly select the winners. AND If you post this book trailer on your blog or on Facebook, I’ll add 5 more extra entries to the contest at the end of the month, in which you can win a copy of the book and those other great prizes! Be sure to leave a link for your 5 extra entries! You can find the embedding code by visiting the YouTube page, here.

Trust me, guys, this a book that you need to read! So get out there and spread the word!


23 thoughts on “The Tension of Opposites Book Trailer & Contest

  1. I saw this trailer today too! It is one well-made trailer. So there is no question of me featuring this on my blog. It will definitely be getting a highlight on my Feature Fun Friday very soon.

  2. Like Jenn above, I'm even more interested in this book knowing the MC loves and does photography like me. The trailer was awesome and just so real. I can't wait to get to read this book!Briana 😀

  3. This book is going to be amazing I have a feeling with all the hype about it and all. 🙂 The trailer makes me want to read it even more.

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