The Hiding Spot is dedicated primarily to YA, MG, and Illustrated Children’s titles, but I’m also a lover of epic fantasy and science fiction that is typically marketed for adult readers. My tastes are eclectic and I’ll read most fiction novels. Except for in special cases, I do not review  self-published novels or nonfiction titles.

E-galleys and e-book are accepted for review purposes.

My full Review Policy can be found here.

In addition to reviewing novels, I also conduct author interviews and gladly host contests and giveaways.

All reviews are posted on GoodReads and Amazon

In addition to writing for The Hiding Spot, I’m also the manager and book buyer at Blue Phoenix Books in Alpena, MI.

If you are interested in any of the promotional opportunities offered at The Hiding Spot, please contact me.



  1. Hey I love your review but one review I see you havent done is for the book Mockngjay and I was kinda suprised. I wanted to hear what you thought about the book since you have read the first 2 already. 🙂 Thank you is you can

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