Traveling Arc Tours!

Traveling Arc Tours, a new arc tour group run by yours truly and the fabulous Drea, of Book Blather, is looking for book bloggers interested in reviewing and promoting YA and MG titles, as well as authors and publishers looking for a great way for one arc to reach a number of reviewers!

We already have some great titles that are waiting to be sent out on tour – and we want YOU to be part of those tours!! To determine if you are the type of blogger we are looking for, check out our Blogger information page, here. If you feel that TA Tours is a good fit for you, fill out the form found at the bottom of the information page. After you have sent us the required information, you can sign up for tours that you are interested in participating in, here.

Traveling Arc Tours is an easy and efficient way to expose one arc of a novel to a large number of reviewers and bloggers. For more information, visit our Authors and Publishers page, here.

Feel free to email us with questions or comments: travelingarctoursATgmailDOTcom


11 thoughts on “Traveling Arc Tours!

  1. Lu: TA Tours sends one book out to a blogger, then the blogger has one week to read the book. They are then given an address of a blogger to send it to. Then that blogger sends it to someone else. It is basically a way for one arc to reach many people.Kirthi: You would mail it to the next person (we will send you the address). Generally, you'll be sending at the media mail rate, but we also require that you buy delivery confirmation and send us the code. So it is about $3 to $4 to send the book.

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