Two more days and finals is week is OVER! Thank goodness!
When I get back into the swing of things, I’ll be holding my 300 follower contest (!!), sharing some reviews of some amazing December titles, interviewing the amazing Lesley Livingston, and all kinds of other good stuff!
Also, I must say that I am pumped for 2010. I’ve already got some fun things planned… Though it seems like I haven’t been reading very much (hence the lack of reviews), I’ve actually been reading lots of 2010 titles. Which brings me to this question:

Should I post mini-reviews of 2010 books? Let me know.

I have a hard time not being able to discuss the awesomeness of the 2010 books, so this would be a great way to share the awesome without telling too much… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Mini-Reviews?

  1. Yes, yes and… *ponders* yes! I'd love to read mini-reviews of 2010 books. It helps to increase anticipation until release and well, I want to hear your [mini] thoughts on some hot upcoming books! :DSounds like you have some great stuff planned, can't wait to read it. Good luck with the last of your finals!!

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