Random Saturday + other stuff

This Random Saturday meme is hosted by Sharon @ Sharon Loves Books and Cats!

Some of you may know that I recently (Tuesday) moved to Kalamazoo, where I will be going to school for the next 3 years. Unfortunately, I had to leave behind my kitty, Daemon, *sob* who I miss terribly. Cats are not allowed in dorm rooms… 😦 I miss him and his antics. Every night when I tried to read he would come and lay down on top of my book (all the way across the book) because he was jealous that he wasn’t getting the attention. He was a cutie – though, I must admit that he is the loudest cat I have ever met. 🙂 I can’t wait to see him when I go home next month! Here is a picture:

Isn’t he cute???

Did anyone hear that Simone Elkeles is writing a sequel to Perfect Chemistry??? Yup -it’s true! I’m pumped about it! Apparently this book is about Alex’s brother, Carlos, and is called Rules of Attraction. Alex and Brittany will still be present, but Carlos and a new girl will be the focus. Rules of Attraction is to be released in May 2010! Can’t wait!! And if you haven’t read Perfect Chemistry yet: READ IT, YOU CRAZY! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. I mean, read it, if you want. 🙂 It is really, really good!

This week I moved to Kalamazoo – which is much bigger than my hometown in NE Michigan. The first day I was here I checked out the library, like any respectable bookworm would! It is seriously amazing! So you can count on seeing some awesome reviews soon. Well, as long as school isn’t too crazy!


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