Another Huge Contest!

The end of summer must be the time for ginormous contests or something because Taschima over at The Bloody Bookaholic is holding one in addition to all the others going on right now! Here is a link!

Here’s what you and two other winners have a shot at winning:
– Signed copy of Dreaming Anastasia + Goodies
– Hardback Another Faust
– Hardback Prophecy of the Sisters
– ARC The Dark Divine
– ARC Hush Hush
– ARC Give Up The Ghost
– ARC Ash
– ARC Behind Every Illusion
– ARC Shiver
– ARC Eyes Like Stars
– ARC The Demon’s Lexicon
– ARC Betraying Season
– ARC Any Given Doomsday
– Dead Until Dark
– Gossip Girl 1st Book
– The Black Tatto + poster
– Vampire Academy
– Frost Bite, a Vampire Academy Novel.
– Shadow Kiss, a Vampire Academy Novel.
– Blood Promise, a Vampire Academy Novel.

There will be 3 winners, here’s the breakdown:

Winner number One gets to pick 7 books out of the bunch.

Winner number Two gets 3 books out of the bunch.

Winner number Three gets 1 book out of the bunch.

Only the first winner gets to choose his or her prize.
For the other two Taschima gets to choose what they get.

Don’t forget to mention that you heard about the contest through Sara @ The Hiding Spot! 🙂 You and I will get an extra entry!

This contest ends September 27th!


Comments always welcome, but be sure to whisper, I'm hiding!

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