Gigantic Contest @ Princess Bookie

Princess Bookie is making some room on her bookshelf and giving many, many books to one lucky winner. I not kidding when I say lucky – I might actually sneak ninja style into her house and raid the bookshelf before this contest concludes!

Check it out here!


4 thoughts on “Gigantic Contest @ Princess Bookie

  1. I know i'm crazy, I just need to free up space quick. I have like 40 books I'm going to order in September, omg! The more followers I get the more I'm going to add to this contest. I have a bunch more to add, some maybe there will get to be multiple winners!

  2. Umm, you could have just given them to me. And not gone through the hassle of a contest. Just kidding… kind of. 40! Wow, your going to be reading like crazy! Too bad we aren't neigbors or anything. I can picture us pretty much living in Barnes and Noble and then reading for hours. That would totally be the life… *sigh*

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