Random News and Today I’m Super Happy

Soooo. For whatever reason, okay, actually I know why, I’m really happy.

I’ve got some really exciting reviews, interviews and contests in the works for all you readers out there! I’m thinking that all this fun stuff will be happening in August, but perhaps earlier if everything comes together well. That is all I can say about that for now. For the sake of being mysterious. Mysterious is fun except for the fact that I have a big mouth and totally want to tell you all what’s happening (!!!)…. Okay, moving on.

Also, I have the next two days off from the dreaded Subway! So yay for that!! I can get some reading done and stay up super late and not have to worry about it… All great things!

I’m pretty sure The Ugly Truth is coming out in theaters soon and I can’t wait! Gerard Butler anyone? So cute! His accent is THE best! And Katherine Heigl is good too… 🙂

Saturday is totally my best friends wedding. I am the maid of honor. Do I have my speech written? Hmmm, that would be a no. Any expert speech writers in the audience? Keep your fingers crossed that NE Michigan has beautiful weather Saturday – it’s a beach wedding. And WE HAVE NO BACKUP PLAN! :S


3 thoughts on “Random News and Today I’m Super Happy

  1. I want to see The Ugly Truth so badly! I hope you enjoy it! Good luck on that speech. I am no pro, but I always know the best toasts at weddings are the ones that are the most personal and heartfelt.

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