Review: So Inn Love

Title: So Inn Love
Author: Catherine Clark
Publisher: HarperCollins
Date published: 2007
Type of book: teen chick lit

I received this book from/at:
My interest in this book is: author, plot

Ideas expressed/message/plot: from back cover: Reservations? Yes. A couple. Like: Is Hayden really as interested in me as I am in him? And is my roommate right—should I “beware of hookups”? Confirmation? Doubtful. Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you said “commitment.” Special Requests? Let me get through this summer without being fired and heartbroken. Let me fall in love this summer. Let me be part of the inn crowd.

Favorite characters, quotes/lines: Liza: I liked her and understood her love of the ocean… even though I’m more of a lake girl myself, I also liked how she stuck up for herself when Hayden was being a jerk. Hayden: I kind of liked how he had some issues…. And that he had to overcome some things to get Liza!

When I finished this book I felt: I definitely wasn’t my favorite Catherine Clark book, The Alison Rules, Frozen Rodeo, and Truth or Dairy are much, much better! I also felt like the plot kind of dragged on… I probably will forget about it in a couple weeks…

Other books to read by this author: Icing on the Lake, Frozen Rodeo, The Alison Rules, Maine Squeeze, Truth or Dairy

I would recommend this book to: not really sure… but I’d probably only recommend it if they read all the better books on my book shelf first… or all of Clark’s other books!


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